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This website is actually my current project, as well as trying to build and Iowa chapter in this great state. I have added many contacts and links to this website, including PUC PAC Chair members and Iowa State and Federal Representatives. I will be also contacting my local Pagan community to encourage participation. I did complete my forum for the Iowa PUC PAC.

Subj: Birthday Greetings to Elected Officials
In an effort to develop a better relationship with our federally elected officials, PUC has developed a plan to increase the quality of that relationship. Most communications with elected officials are adversarial in nature and rarely make it to the official's desk. Email and coordinated,
cookie cutter postal campaigns are mostly ignored. Personal, handwritten messages continue to be the best way to address an elected official.

The point of the Birthday Greetings mailing is to present Pagans as the friendly people they are and that the Pagan community has the ability to
communicate in a non-confrontational way. A rarity for voter blocks.

One side-effect of the Birthday Greetings is to further educate citizens on who their elected officials are and to get them reaccustomed to
writing those officials.

State Chairs are directed to gather the birthday data on the federally elected officials from the state they chair. Mailing the state and local
officials are optional and at the discretion of the State Chair. State Chairs should be cautioned to not overwork the Pagan population in their
states. The Birthday Greetings mailings should be considered secondary to other national projects.

That data is to be used to coordinate a statewide mail-in campaign to send birthday cards to the D.C. addresses of the official in time to arrive on
their birthday. It should be noted that it takes up to five extra days to get a letter to a Congressional official once the letter arrives in

The preferred format is a regular birthday card that one can purchase locally. No special, one-size-fits-all cards are recommended. A broad diversity of birthday cards represents the broad diversity of
the Pagan community.

Cards to stay away from would be "over-the-hill", joke, or cards with controversial content. Our point, in all things PUC PAC does, is to be taken
seriously. We ask that the community keeps this in mind while communicating with their elected officials.

Participants can write a brief birthday wish on the card. We would encourage participants to keep the message positive, friendly and non-political. This is a relationship-building effort, not a political issue campaign.

The required message on each card is:
Please Support Religious Freedom

If you would like to read more information on this, please go to the Pagan Unity Campaign site or to the IA PUC PAC discussion to review the press release.